Digitracks Recording Studio

Digitracks is a modern digital recording facility located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We specialize in professional quality studio and production recordings. Recently expanded, our 3500 square foot facility includes three isolation booths, a large recording room, and two Pro Tools mixing suites. We also have a full kitchenette for your convenience while recording. Combining the best in acoutstics and equipment, Digitracks is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their musical goals.

Recent Activity

New engineers Joby, Randall and Gralan have joined our team.

Duce, Earphonic, John Durnell currently recording with Dan Middleton.

Wicker Wolves  and Alibaster Stone recording with Matt Reifler.

Upcoming Website "Band Parade.tv" just recording first interview and live set with Metavari. Dan Middleton, Zack Davidson engineers, and Nick Weaver Production.