Hell Came Home

This weekend, Dan was back in the studio with the fellas from Hell Came Home. Based out of Muncie, Indiana they are the most recent winners of 98.9 The Bear‘s House Band contest. They will be opening several shows this summer for bands like Shinedown, Halestorm, Red Sun Rising, and Devour The Day. As part of their prize for winning the contest, they were awarded studio time at Digitracks. This past weekend, they made the drive up and got to work! This song will be spinning all summer long on 98.9 The Bear so keep your ears open for it.
These fellas were a blast to work with!

Staci Stork

We’ve been quite here on the blog for awhile, so its time we break the silence. Our engineers have been busy working on a bunch of projects but as of late we’ve been working with the lovely and incredibly talented Staci Stork. She’s been a great client of ours and this project brand new project is really raking shape. If you’re not familiar with her music, head over to her website: or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Here are a few quick photos from a recent session.


We’ve been really busy here at Digitracks over the past few months. Some really great projects just finished up and we’ve got some really sick ones are on their way. Nonetheless, we didn’t want to miss the change to talk about the Wickerwolves latest visit to the studio.

Over the last few years these guys, whether together or individually have made large strides to get their music, their talents, and their passion out to the rest of the world. From Khia the drummer leaving on tour with another band for a month or so, to Grey Gordon leaving for this year’s Van’s Warped Tour to showcase his solo work, the guys in this band are about nothing other then their music.

We’ve been grateful to have them back in the studio working with one of our insanely talented engineers, Matt Riefler. Matt set the bar high for the Wickerwolves with this project, recording the drums live with the band and then take all the time necessary to really make sure each vocal laid down was the right one. After that the guys worked all day and night on overdubs to really bring the 10 track project to an end so Matt can really give it the mix it deserves.

This is has been a great opportunity for us to also bring one of our interns, Chris Kelsey, to give him experience and perspective on what it takes to really do project of this magnitude. We are really hoping working with the Wickerwolves and Matt Riefler has inspired him to keep working hard and look to challenge himself as he continues to develop his chops in the studio.

Here are a few shots taken during last Sunday’s recording session at Digitracks Recording Studios.
Thanks to Tate Garringer, Kiah Gerig, Josh Maroney, & Grey Gordon for letting us snap some pics.

If you wanna check out their music thats currently out, go to their Bandcamp page


We recently were introduced to group of young, talented, and passionate artists known as “Oferle“. We’ve been fortunate to be apart of a live video and audio recording session series. These sessions, known as Band Parade are recorded here at Digitracks. The audio and video are combined and then published on YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes. The purpose is to encourage more regional and national bands to come to Fort Wayne and to help bands here in the area gain recognition and promote themselves. For more information on these sessions visit

Ofere was recently featured on the show and were really happy with how the audio turned out! So much so they decided to record their next single here at the studio. We can’t say too much about the release but the pictures below provide you a little sneak peak of what went down during their recording session. We had so much fun working with these guys, its always a blast getting the chance to work with really talented artists.
From recording claps and stomps to banjo and ukulele, you guys are gonna want to hear this song once its done! Stay tuned and be sure to follow Oferle on all their social media outlets and as they play shows!

Jazz Session

We’ve been excited and privileged to have worked previously with all of these musicians separately in the past, but this is the first time we’ve had them all together and playing on the same project. Quincy Sanders, Marco Franco, Bryan Nellem, and John Swain recently decided to team up and do a project and we are having a blasto recording it here at Digitracks Recording Studios.

Check out some pictures we took during their jazz session.

If you have a song, album, or project in need of that industry grade touch. Get ahold of one of the engineers on our staff page!

Studio B Upgrades

If you are a studio owner, work at a studio, have recorded at a studio, or work in any field where hardware and software are colliding on regular basis, you may be able to relate to how technology seems to change and get better (or worse) depending on how you look at it, pretty much daily. Many of us get comfortable with our gear and then come to find out that its almost obsolete a short time later, its a brutal industry to be working in. On the other hand, we absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. All that said, we’re pretty good a staying up to date and recently made some updates and changes to our smaller, extremely cozy, and well equipped mixing studio, we like to call, Studio B.

Previously powered by a turbo charged Mac Mini, we are now running Pro-Tools 11 on a brand new Mac Pro. Not only that, instead of the trusty ole Avalon Pre-Amp we’ve used for years, we decided to swap it out and upgrade to our favorite, more versatile, Manley Slam! Its our go-to vocal pre and now both Studio A and Studio B have their very own. Take a look around the site and on this post, we’ve painted a few walls, swapped in a new desk, and even added some new comfy couches to the room.

We think the engineers and artists are going to really love the Studio B upgrades. Its perfect for vocal recording, production, and mixing. If you’d been in since the upgrades, you’ve experienced the difference. If you are looking to get started on a new project or polish up an older one, be sure to click the staff link above and contact one of our engineers to book your next session.

Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra

Welcome to the brand new Digitracks Recording Studios website! We are really excited about having a functional place to share what we do with you all. Here you can find the necessities such as information about the studio, our engineers, the equipment, and our state of the art facility. Feel free to reach out to any of the engineers to book studio time or find out more. We are glad you found us and we’re looking forward to working on your project.

To kick off our first post, traditionally every year in Fort Wayne, Whatz Up magazine hosts a battle of the bands and we support the event most years by offering up some studio time to the overall winner. This year we are please to follow through and get the chance to recored the Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra. This band is full of insanely talented and seasoned musicians from all over the city and region. It was a blast getting to record with these guys and we enjoy it every time any of these musicians are in the studio with us. We took a few pictures throughout the session.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us! We’d love to meet with you and help take your music to the next level!