Digitracks offers a variety of services for our clients including but not limited to:


We can handle any project large or small. If you’re a solo vocalist, singer-songwriter or the director of a 30 piece choir we’ve got you covered. With access to our always growing collection of modern, vintage, and boutique amps and outboard gear, pick and choose from any of the microphones in our collection as well as any of our in-house studio instruments and coveted snare cabinet.


Both Studio A and Studio B were designed and built to be extremely versatile for mixing. Projects requiring analog gear and a large console will find that Studio A is the perfect fit for their needs. Studio B is a smaller studio room with just the right amount of equipment for less complicated and gear demanding projects.


Mastering is one of the most overlooked techniques in music production but we encourage and educate all of our clients on the importance of a great master. Its a big reason you can easily hear the difference in quality when you do your project here at Digitracks Recording Studios.

Digital Editing:

Now a days artists, bands, and producers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of being able to edit, alter, and fine tune their performances. Both Studio A and Studio B run on the industry standard Pro Tools systems as our primary digital workstation. Outfitted with a variety of software, plugins, and tools allowing us to correct or manipulate the recordings as needed. Just because our name suggests digital, it doesn’t mean we don’t love the organic and natural sound that an analog recording gives. At Digitracks we are flexible enough to accommodate bands who insist on having that analog sound!

Voice Over & Spot Recording:

Radio and TV spots can be extremely tedious and time consuming, but we understand the importance of every single detail and piece of information. Without the perfect mixture of information, story telling, and emotion you run the risk of not connecting with your audience. This is why bringing your spot to Digitracks is well worth the time and effort. When is the last time you heard an advertisement that really stuck with you and grabbed your attention? We use customized scripts, dynamic voices, ear catching music, sound effects, and we’d even love to write custom music just for you!

Audio Restoration, Media Transfer, Data Archiving:

The team here at Digitracks is capable of removing crackling audio, pops, and almost any other noise often heard in older audio recordings and then archive these recordings for you on CD or mp3.