Studio B Upgrades

If you are a studio owner, work at a studio, have recorded at a studio, or work in any field where hardware and software are colliding on regular basis, you may be able to relate to how technology seems to change and get better (or worse) depending on how you look at it, pretty much daily. Many of us get comfortable with our gear and then come to find out that its almost obsolete a short time later, its a brutal industry to be working in. On the other hand, we absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. All that said, we’re pretty good a staying up to date and recently made some updates and changes to our smaller, extremely cozy, and well equipped mixing studio, we like to call, Studio B.

Previously powered by a turbo charged Mac Mini, we are now running Pro-Tools 11 on a brand new Mac Pro. Not only that, instead of the trusty ole Avalon Pre-Amp we’ve used for years, we decided to swap it out and upgrade to our favorite, more versatile, Manley Slam! Its our go-to vocal pre and now both Studio A and Studio B have their very own. Take a look around the site and on this post, we’ve painted a few walls, swapped in a new desk, and even added some new comfy couches to the room.

We think the engineers and artists are going to really love the Studio B upgrades. Its perfect for vocal recording, production, and mixing. If you’d been in since the upgrades, you’ve experienced the difference. If you are looking to get started on a new project or polish up an older one, be sure to click the staff link above and contact one of our engineers to book your next session.