The Studio

Each room at Digitracks Recording Studios has been designed from the start with audio purity and music recording in mind. Every recording and mixing space has been designed by professional acousticians for optimum acoustics. Details like 12 foot sloped ceilings, hard wood floors, four pane windows and clean lighting come together to make a professional yet comfortable environment.

All audio spaces are elevated and floating on rubber u-boats. This vastly reduces the transmission of low frequency coupling from room to room. We’ve incorporated a double door system and double thick drywall through out. Double walls between each room are mechanically separated. No two recording spaces share the same wall. This allows for extreme isolation.  The best Mogami star quad wiring and quality connectors keep the connection between microphones and microphone preamps clean.

Suite A

This Mixing Room is a large comfortable space with a couch and chairs for your comfort. One look will reveal some of the finest recording hardware currently available. With name brands by Avid, Lynx, Avalon, Chamber Limited, Crane Song, Dangerous Music, API, Emperical Labs, Groove Tubes, Manley, and Universal Audio, Digitracks Recording Studios have the tools necessary to create an industry quality product.

Suite B

A cozy and comfortable mixing space designed for professional quality recording, or music production work. This room is fully equipped with Pro-Tools, countless plug-ins, and an Avalon Mic Preamp. Attached to a sound isolated vocal booth, Suite B has access to several boutique vocal mics and instruments. If you are in need of quality music production, vocal tracks, re-mixes or commercial work, Suite B has the tools to assist you.

Red Room

The Red Room is equipped with 24 mic inputs, 6 line inputs, 6 headphone feeds, and 3 midi channels. This room has a big sound. Perfect for getting that larger than life drum mix. Three windows allow you to look into the mixing room, the yellow isolation booth, and brown isolation booth

Orange Room

The Orange Isolation Room is a small single person room with 4 mic inputs, 2 line inputs, and one headphone channel. This room has a controlled, but warm sound. Great for vocals and unplugged acoustic instruments. It has a one window which looks into the mixing.

The Yellow Room

The Yellow Isolation Room is medium sized with 8 mic inputs, 2 line inputs 2 headphone mixes, and 2 midi channels. This room has a more controlled sound. Perfect for guitar, keys, or string instruments. Windows allow you to look into the great room, and the brown isolation.

The Brown Room

The Brown Isolation Room is smaller and aggressively controlled for a very close intimate sound. With 16 mic inputs, 2 line inputs, 2 headphone mixes, and one midi channel, this room is great for a main vocal booth, or getting a tight drum mix. This room has three windows looking into the great room, yellow isolation booth, and mixing room.

The Facility

The Facility is fully climate controlled and equipped with that comfort in mind. There is a full service kitchen and bathroom at your disposal as well.