We’ve been really busy here at Digitracks over the past few months. Some really great projects just finished up and we’ve got some really sick ones are on their way. Nonetheless, we didn’t want to miss the change to talk about the Wickerwolves latest visit to the studio.

Over the last few years these guys, whether together or individually have made large strides to get their music, their talents, and their passion out to the rest of the world. From Khia the drummer leaving on tour with another band for a month or so, to Grey Gordon leaving for this year’s Van’s Warped Tour to showcase his solo work, the guys in this band are about nothing other then their music.

We’ve been grateful to have them back in the studio working with one of our insanely talented engineers, Matt Riefler. Matt set the bar high for the Wickerwolves with this project, recording the drums live with the band and then take all the time necessary to really make sure each vocal laid down was the right one. After that the guys worked all day and night on overdubs to really bring the 10 track project to an end so Matt can really give it the mix it deserves.

This is has been a great opportunity for us to also bring one of our interns, Chris Kelsey, to give him experience and perspective on what it takes to really do project of this magnitude. We are really hoping working with the Wickerwolves and Matt Riefler has inspired him to keep working hard and look to challenge himself as he continues to develop his chops in the studio.

Here are a few shots taken during last Sunday’s recording session at Digitracks Recording Studios.
Thanks to Tate Garringer, Kiah Gerig, Josh Maroney, & Grey Gordon for letting us snap some pics.

If you wanna check out their music thats currently out, go to their Bandcamp page